What was meant for evil…


With frail feet she steps gingerly, slowly lifting them with breathless caution. She

 Listens for a sound, the quiet whisper of a slight crack.

Will it be okay? Will she have to start over?

Slowly she moves forward, holding her breath.

Surely this time it will be okay.

Inching along, taking the chance, she hears the sound!

It sends the blood rising to her face. Nervously, she waits for it.

It comes again, ripping into her soul, and reopens a slightly healed wound.

A new scar will form to join the others, but…

As she retreats, unlike before a new resolve fills her injured loneliness.

An inner strength comes from her beloved faith and in private, she moves to a

Nearby window and as she opens the shades, the warmth

Of sunlight radiates through the closed glass.

Waiting, eyes closed she stands in response to the ever present

And familiar assurance that He brings.

Quiet, but audible words flow from her mouth.

In a trembling stream, she follows the instructions written in her

Father’s book and boldly makes her requests, saturated with thanksgiving.

She stands once again on strong but aching feet, sore and scarred by

Broken bits of shells that have been placed in her path by the enemy of her soul. A strategy planned in hopes of stopping the incessant praying, praying, praying.

But something is different this time!

Something, that keeps this same enemy from wounding her heart once again, also sets up a barrier between them. And as she advances, one tattered foot followed by the other,

 She effortlessly stomps and crushes those familiar shells that had been previously placed so strategically in her path, creating for herself a carpet with which to walk upon.

As she walks, love for the one which the enemy used to drop those sharp and broken egg shells, propels her forward. She now understands that this is the most powerful of all weapons!

The same love that drove Him to the cross has been grafted into her imperfect heart. Surrender has turned pain and darkness into overwhelming love,

 Enabling a light, so brilliant that it sends the very presence of evil

Scurrying back to the dark places.

She lifts her chin, straightens her back and moves forward, walking purposefully on the carpet of crushed eggshells knowing

She has made herself ready for the next chapter.

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The Catcher

Ever notice the catcher in a baseball game? He’s the one crouching down, ever watchful. A very important part of the equation, isn’t he? What a position! Pretty defensive, but, when the need arises he can be very offensive as he plays hard for his team. He catches that runner as he rounds third plate and heads toward home at full steam, before he can reach his goal of scoring a point!

white and red baseball player with black face helmet and brown leather mitts

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Let’s take a closer look. When he enters the field and takes his position at the bottom of home plate, he is present for the first and last events of the game shall we say, the runs coming in and strike outs at the plate. He is properly dressed for the job with hat,  face mask, chest protector, leg guards, catcher’s mitt and cleated shoes that dig in to hold his position.

When we think about life, we could compare ourselves to a baseball catcher. No, really, we are given by our “manufacturer” all the equipment we need to be able to handle our “position.” But, what if our equipment becomes compromised? What happens then?

Suppose our  hat has been blown off by a particularly strong storm, an emotional event that took us by surprise. We may feel uncovered, vulnerable with our thoughts a bit muddied or dusty from the stray debris that has been deposited on our mind. Is our perception clear? Can our vision actually be affected and distorted because we are wearing a face mask that has became bent and broken during an unforeseen accident that pitched us forward onto some hard ground?  Let’s continue looking.

Hurt and abuse may have damaged our chest protector leaving our heart bleeding and torn. The protective cushioning that was originally placed there by the “manufacturer” has become damaged and ineffective.

Constantly tripping up and making mistakes can be the result of leaving our leg guards behind when entering dangerous territory. Because of our muddied thinking, we may have become forgetful and not mindful of what we need to don for our daily walk. And how are we to handle things? Reaching out spontaneously to touch what may be forbidden will leave us burnt, hurt and often disfigured with our mitt soiled and torn.

Lastly, where are we going? Are we wearing our protective foot covering when traversing through life? Abuse and injury, either by someone else, life’s circumstances or our own doing can lead us to a place of confusion and pain. Often touching others with that same harmful behavior.

Even though this is just an analogy, we can feel like that beat up catcher who  has has his protective gear destroyed. We know that our loving Father has sent us here to be part of his world, his Kingdom. But, the events of life can surely take us on many different roads, some being very difficult to trek. Jesus told us that in this life we would have trouble. Sometimes I think, “well, thanks Jesus!” But, he also said to be of good cheer because He overcame the world. Sigh of relief. He has already done this! The work is finished!

He is the one who can lead us back to wholeness. Whatever that may look like for each of us. Perhaps a straightened gait or cleared mind, or sharper vision with thoughts that bring joy. Broken hearts can be made whole when they are placed into His hands that His word tells us, have been engraved with our very names.

For sure, this may not be easy, it may be extremely difficult to turn our faces toward His. Hurt and unbelief and lies all seem to be clouding our vision. But he is also there to help us. Just one glance in His direction can turn our perspective in a thousand different ways. His ways are higher than ours He says. Taking that first step in our dirty and worn out shoes will lead us to the path of healing and freedom. He asks us, to “come.”  He will restore our “equipment” and help us move on to take our position, bend down, dig in and get the work done. Lastly and most importantly, finish the game well!

Ephesians 6, Hebrews 12, Philippians 3

baseball player in gray and black uniform running

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

When the lights go out

Oh Lord, how many of your “stars”, your bright sons and daughters sent here to shine for mankind have been targeted at the very moment of conception? How many of your ones who were meant to light the way of your truth have had the intense gaze of jealousy upon them from the squinting eyes of the original light bearer. How many of your authentically chosen ones were marked and even obsessively stalked by that one who used to hoover beside your throne? They have been relentlessly harassed and driven to failure because of the excessive hatred for the positions that were assigned to them. Bulls eyes placed upon their backs, their heads and their minds immediately as they were noticed entering this world. Easy targets for those demons of darkness always at the ready, and armed with age old weapons of evil torment.

How many persons sent here from your hand to bring exciting and complex information  were snatched away quickly so as to never be known for or used as the incredible  leaders and teachers that they were destined to be.

We wonder why man has had to endure life on this un-redeemed planet for so long. Year after year of war, hardship and pain. Perhaps, because those special ones had the very light within them extinguished so early on. No one ever knew, no one ever understood at all, that the very persons who seem to be deplete  of all emotion, and desperately clinging to life were the ones assigned to bring your truth. It was because of the destructive force set upon them so furiously so very early on in their lives, that they never knew themselves what glory was intended for them. A diabolical and malevolent force so driven by hatred and bitterness sharply responded, intent upon completely obliterating and utterly destroying those carrying your light. How quickly the enemy pounced upon them.

Oh Lord, how you must weep for this place in which you intended us to thrive. A world blessed with men and women you particularly and strategically appointed to bring balance and comfort to this place so fractured by sin. Those sent with assignments, gifts and talents by your loving hand to calm and soothe your people. Perhaps a few escaped the onslaught. I believe there are now and have been those who though battered and beaten have accomplished at least part of their God orchestrated goals and some have even triumphed to the end.

To those bright ones who so quickly, because of the light instilled within them by their creator,  fell by the wayside, I give recognition. I take pause to acknowledge the original intent you had for them Lord, even though it may never have come to fruition.Whether their light was quickly and violently extinguished or because it became duller and duller throughout agonizing years of hardship and battle. I can only imagine how many you sent to us. People just like us with remarkable attributes meant to shine brightly for all to see. Those who would discover early on the love of their Savior and  in turn would be beacons of light leading others to have faith in Him as well.

Help us take notice Lord of those burdened by insurmountable and even misunderstood afflictions. Those who we turn away from in their time of need because of unfair judgment and quiet disgust. Those having lights with a strange glow we interpret as eerie or frightening. Lights that are barely flickering from behind cloudy eyes, still there, but oh so dim. The onslaught has been so fierce, the war too heavy to bear. Forgive us for not noticing them as they slip from our view while a crooked grin appears on the destroyer’s face, while he hides in plain sight.


What happens when we are sleeping? Dreams, Visions, Visits?

There are times when the Lord will speak to us in dreams and visions. I don’t believe I have had a vision yet, but He has shared with me in dreams several times throughout my life. All through the bible we see times where dreams and visions are spoken of concerning an event or person.

We know this as well, there are times the enemy will intrude upon our sleep and interject thoughts and images to us and even scenes that resemble dreams. Remember, he can come as an angel of light. (II Corinthians 11:14) He can also show up as an impersonation. He often sends demons to do this dirty work and if we have not covered our sleep time in prayer, just as we pray and cover our days, we can be left a bit vulnerable to visits from the dark side.

Sometimes we get ready to step into a particular ministry or move up a level in our faith walk and become a target. Remember, the fiery darts of Ephesians 6?  At other times we may be going through a struggle. Things may be rough at work or in the family, or financially, or whatever. Our souls and emotional selves are upset or maybe we become distraught over an illness and our faith may become shaken for a moment.

Praying to cover our sleep is very important. As we slip into that place that the Lord has created for our bodies to rest and repair, we can become less vigilant spiritually. Keeping our spirit aware and poised to intercept any invasion from the dark side is imperative. Remember, we are three part beings, spirit, soul and body. (1 Thessalonians 5:23)

The demons are waiting to bring us lies and images of things untrue. Pictures and people can be introduced to our sleeping mind that are assignments against us to bring us fear, anger, torment or wrong thinking. Friendly images of loving people may appear in our dreams or even loved ones, both alive or deceased These are ploys of the enemy to change our thinking. Everything we may dream about and remember from sleeping may not be from God.

If we make an agreement with a scenario being played before us while asleep that is not from God, then we have crossed over into that place where we can be used and manipulated in our emotions while awake because of the tie to the agreement we have made.

Let us therefore, come into agreement with the word of God concerning our lives, both awake and during sleep. Remember every dream may not be from the Lord. Test the spirits the word says. (1 John 4:1) Upon awaking ask the Lord if the dream was from Him. If it was not, break the agreement you made in the dream while you were sleeping in Jesus’ name.

Coming away with an exciting “dream meeting” with someone we  know may just be a ploy to keep us in spiritual bondage. For instance if “Aunt Sue” told you to go buy a blue car or maybe a close friend betrays you somehow, test that. The enemy knows our friends and relatives very well and can use their images to cloak demons and trigger us into believing a lie. Especially, if we are moving forward in our walk with the Lord, take pause and pray protection over your sleep.

If perhaps you are reading this and you have not yet stepped into God’s Kingdom through the work of the cross, then, you remain very unprotected and vulnerable. You have no covering against this dream manipulation especially if there has been any occult participation or witchcraft in your history. Opening doors to these things can be very dangerous. You remain easy prey for much thought manipulation and even visits and are easy access to the enemy because of those open doors in the spirit realm.

When we make a decision for Jesus and thank Him for becoming the ultimate sacrifice for the things that would keep us separate from Him in eternity, (sins), we move into that place and position that he has planned for us from the beginning. He will guide us into truth and security. Rest and sleep are from God, and many times he does speak to us in dreams. Discernment is paramount and with the Holy Spirit who the word says will lead us into all truth and show us things to come (John 16:13) we can be assured of His direction in our lives.

As a DID Coach for Bride Ministries, this is the prayer I pray before I go to sleep. It is part of the free prayer list you can find at http://www.bridemovement.com

“Father, I come before you in prayer. I enter into your gates with thanksgiving and enter into your courts with praise 1. I praise you because you are worthy, holy, righteous, and just. I plead the blood  of Jesus over myself, my dwelling place, my spouse, my children, my car, my bank account and everything under my stewardship 2. I pray that your heavenly hosts, your angels, would guard this dwelling place round about, both above and below and against every dimensional access point in Jesus’ name 3. I will say of the Lord that you are my refuge and my fortress, my God, in you will I trust 4. I thank you that you set a hedge of protection round about me and that no plague will come near my dwelling 5. I thank you in advance that every curse, hex, spell, incantation, voodoo, sorcery, form of witchcraft, dark art or other form of weaponized demonic activity sent against me would be reversed upon the heads of the senders seven-fold that they would know that Jesus is Lord 6. Moreover, I pray that every human spirit, fallen angelic spirit, or otherwise malevolent spirit attempting to come against me or my household would be apprehended by your heavenly hosts such that they cannot so much as set foot upon this property 7. I pray that they would be escorted out to wherever the Lord Jesus sends them, pierced through with many arrows and discomfited by your lightning in the process, that they would know that Jesus is Lord 8. Furthermore, I cancel and render powerless all attempts at mind-to-mind communication, dream manipulation, and all other forms of psychic and telepathic intrusion in the name of Jesus 9. I thank you that all of my dreams are inspired by your Holy Spirit 10. I declare that my sleep will be sweet, uninterrupted, and that upon waking I will be well rested 11. I also put on the armor of light 12. I take up the helmet of salvation, the breastplate of righteousness, the belt of truth, I declare that my feet are shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace, and I take up the shield of faith to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one, and the sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God 13. I pray all of this in the mighty name of Jesus, Amen 14.



















































1 Corinthians 15 – Paul explains things

Going through the 15th chapter of the first letter to the Corinthians, the Apostle Paul gives an overview of what the gospel and the subsequent events have to do with the ones he was teaching. It also has everything to do with us and our lives and our future.

Verse 1 opens with Paul reminding everyone that he declared the gospel and that they received and stand in the saving grace of the Lord Jesus.

Verse 3 Paul had delivered the gospel that he himself received.

Verse 6 Over 500 people saw Jesus after He died but before he ascended. At the time of this writing some of them had already passed away. Of course Peter saw Him too. James also, then the apostles. Then Paul says he saw Jesus after His ascension.

Verse 10 Paul talks about not being worthy to be called an apostle because he persecuted the Church of God, (the Christians.) After that he cared for the churches mightily, because of God’s grace.

Verse 22 Because, since Adam’s death man did not have the promise of the eternal life. However since Jesus rose from the dead, man may also have eternal life.

Verse 25 Jesus will put all His enemies under His feet.

Verse 26 The last enemy to be destroyed will be Death.

Verse 28 Father God shall then be exalted.

Verse 34 Choose righteous behavior. It is your example to those who have not heard the gospel yet. Let my words bring you shame (conviction.)

Verse 38 We are created differently than the animal Kingdom.

Verse 40 Man was also created differently than the celestial beings. Their “glory” is different than our “glory.” Our bodies are also different than the Sun, Moon and Stars. Our resurrection as saved humans is different because we came from corruptible and became (or will become) incorruptible.

Verse 43 Our body was sown or made in dishonor (sin) and will be raised in glory (sinless) because of salvation. We also go from weakness to power after salvation.

Verse 44 We go from natural to spiritual. Unsaved people only have a natural body, we (saved) will have a spiritually awake body.

Verse 45 We go from a soul which is alive to a spiritually alive being after salvation.

Verse 47 We go from being “earthly” to being “heavenly.”

Verse 48 We go from the image of man (Adam=earthly) to the image of the heavenly or eternal.

Verse 50 This will not happen to every human being. Only those who become spiritually alive.

Verse 51 We will change after we die.

Verse 52 However, if you are still alive when Jesus physically comes back and are born again, then, as Jesus is in the process of taking the living and the dead back with Him at the FINAL trumpet sound, the living will then have their physical earthly bodies changed into their never perishing heavenly bodies.

Verse 55 This is when death is defeated once and for all. No more is the “sting” of death possible. No more will death occur on the Earth.

Verse 57 This is called The Victory.

Verse 58 As Paul is writing to people and in a time of the first Christians or the church of God, until that day that He returns for His church, we are to remain steadfast and unmovable in our faith and work of the Kingdom. Paul says when we are doing things for the Kingdom, our work always counts!

2013-09-29 07.22.19






















His desire is that we would continually come to Him.



When we answer the call to “come,” it may look different for each one of us. We go to Jesus for the help that we need every day. To one that may come in the form of a new friend, to another, a new discovery that was hiding in plain sight, to someone else it may be a restored relationship, and yet another person may have a new lead to a job they’ve been praying for.

Let us be on the lookout for those moments that will lead to a victory or solution of some sort. Coming to Jesus is linking up with the One who knows exactly what we need in order for us to move into that abundant life He tells us about!

Seasonal pondering and keeping it real.

The title of this blog may have you wondering what season I am talking about. Well, it is the Christmas season 2017. Wow, can you say, thinking, pondering, hashing out, ruminating or even postulating. Lots of that going on I guess.

It is a new season in my life and to be frankly honest, it is one of the best seasons I have ever experienced. Now, don’t go assuming that life is all hunky-dory and all that. 🙂 There are issues and there is sadness. But all in all, it is a really exciting time.

I believe sometimes we bloggers and writers and You Tubers want to leave our visiting audience with mouths agape and jaws dropped, or with tears in their eyes or maybe even amazed at the amount of wisdom that comes forth through our articles and videos. But, really, we are just folks like everyone else who choose to use a platform to relate life’s events and concerns with hopes of touching a heart or even leaving a person with something to really think about. But, this time I am just sharing. You know, sharing about something that I think may resonate with you, whether it is life changing or thought provoking or not.

This season is one that keeps us on our toes, sometimes literally because no sooner have we completed one task, we are rushing on to the next one with our feet hardly resting on the floor already poised to move on in a constant sprint stance.

So, having said all that, I have not gone up to the attic to retrieve the Christmas decorations in those nice plastic tubs and totes, nor have we put up the tree. Just haven’t done it. No real reason other than, the reason is that we don’t have to.

Will we still celebrate the birth of our Savior? Of course! We celebrate our life with Him every day! In what we say and how we live and respond to others. We take the joy of the Lord and the awesome gift of salvation with us all the time! What if our house is the only one not clad in red ribbons or we have no lights shining out from a Christmas tree sitting by the window? Well, what if…who cares? We have taken the time to sit together with one another for an evening.  That’s ok, right? We take time to talk about our day. We pray for our families and friends before bed and check out a cool teaching video after dinner. Nothing earth shattering or breath taking, but we are calm and relaxed and enjoy the time spent conversing and just being in each other’s presence.

So, we are leaving the trimmings and tradition and STRESS of all that up in the attic this year. Maybe next year will be different, but for this “season” in our lives we are choosing to just take pause and live life. And that’s ok, right?

                                 Merry Christmas from us! Blessings and Joy to you ALL! 


Old Soldiers and Grandsons

Sometimes it takes thinking about a certain event a second or even third time to clearly see details that may have been missed the first. Here is a personal story about that.

I ran some errands with my daughter and grandsons the other day. First off, when I arrived to pick them up, I realized that I did not have the 4 year old’s car seat with me. So, I had to drive back home and retrieve it from the garage. Oh well, another thirty minutes gone, but not a problem as I was finished working and we were not on a time schedule.

We had several places to go that day, so first, we headed out to good ole Walmart. You know, Walmart, where everyone shops and since it was the end of November, guess what they were doing? Yes, Christmas shopping was in full swing. People everywhere with cars zig zagging in and out of the parking lot continuously.

My daughter was sporting a “boot” on her left foot as the result of a shopping cart incident at her place of employment and her two little boys were in the back seat chattering and being silly, one 9 years old and the other as previously mentioned 4.

Foolish me, I take the isle in the parking lot that is the most popular, right in front of the doors, hoping to find a close space. Just when I thought I was never going to find one there it was, the space right after the the ones designated for disabled folks. Yay, we all pile out and head into the store.

With the boys hanging off the end and side of the shopping cart off we go on our separate ways, me with the boys and my daughter to do some Christmas “business” without the little ones tagging along.

I grabbed several items that I needed, including butter, we always need more butter! As the boys were walking ahead of me and the cart I was pushing, we passed many people along the way. Interestingly, my eyes fixed on the face of an older gentleman who was walking by me. He was wearing navy blue dress pants and a light blue button down shirt and over that was a military winter jacket. He was well groomed with closely clipped beautiful white hair. His jacket was full of patches representing his extensive career serving our country. Without thinking, I made eye contact with him and said hello as I passed. I really didn’t give him time to answer as I was following the boys and quickly reassigned my attention to them.

We finished up with our shopping having traveled most of the store and headed to the check out. The “self check out” experience went amazingly smooth this time and we headed to the car to wait for their Mom to join us.

We had just gotten into our seats when I looked up to see the old soldier approaching. His car was parked right beside ours. He took a glance our way and got into his car, preparing to leave. I spoke to the boys and told them to take notice of this man, that he was a soldier and had served in the military years ago and obviously was a long time veteran who may have been in several wars and that he may have seen awful things and deserved our respect for his service. As I was speaking I looked back and saw my 9 year old grandson giving the old soldier a salute. He held his hand above his eye as the old soldier looked at me. I smiled at him and then he looked to the back seat of my car and returned the salute. I could have cried! My grandsons were very taken with his gesture as was I. “That’s how you show respect to those who have served our country,” I told them. We drove away with a warm comfort in knowing that we had taken the time to engage an old gentleman and had paused to acknowledge him.

So, was it a coincidence that I forgot the car seat that made us thirty minutes late? Was it a coincidence that I took my eyes off my grandsons for a second in order to engage an old soldier passing by me in Walmart? Was a coincidence that I “just happened” to “find” a parking space near the ones with the stamped wheel chairs on the signs. Maybe, and maybe not. You can decide that for yourself. I happen to think that when we pray in the morning to cover our day, and ask the Lord to help us be more like Him that He may just set in our pathway and old soldier that needed to be acknowledged by a little boy. Maybe he needed to hear a friendly hello. Just maybe his day was made by these small encounters. I sure do hope so!

Or perhaps this was one of those “angels unaware” encounters, that was set before us. Perhaps even , as we took pause and like one of my teacher friends says, were “boots on the ground” Christians to an old soldier who was walking the isles of Walmart alone, we left a mark that will only be revealed when we are face to face with Him. Perhaps this one time we were like Jesus, the only One who really sees inside our hearts. Again, I sure do hope so!



Real power is in a Name

I love this song! My favorite line, “you didn’t want heaven without us.” No matter what the devil brings including arguments on how to pronounce His name, it is the connection to Him that wields the power when His name is spoken. It shakes the very bones of the enemy with fear at the sound of that name coming in whatever language. It is the assurance of salvation and the knowing that our forever address is Heaven that activates the spiritual movement and realignment that IS prayer in His name!

Some Thoughts, LGBT speech

This is a speech I saw posted on Facebook this morning. I felt a stirring in my spirit to lay out some of the things I was thinking. The young lady giving the speech just looked so fresh and precious to me. I hope I convey my thoughts in the way they are intended.

This beautiful young woman is, in her words fighting a battle that she is never going to stop fighting. Some key words and phrases she used:
“people just were what they are.” 1. We all find out who/what we are WHEN we discover who God says we are.
she “felt something that she couldn’t explain.” 2.Again, going on feelings. Feelings are often far from the truth. They are real, but they are not truth.
She continues to explain the physical reactions brought on by these feelings. “because, I was born that way.” 3. Our bodies do react in accordance with our feelings. Painful emotions result in pain and sickness in the body.
“how can you be who you are?” 4. She truthfully feels this way she, however, she does not know who God says she is.
She articulated very well how suffering fills up one’s soul. She has been filled with up with suffering. She said she felt “broken and unlovable.”
My heart goes out to this young woman. She has no idea that the “way she is” happened sometime before she was born. Yes, I do believe she was born “that way.” However, that is not how she was created to be. My belief is that something happened between conception and delivery. Something changed the original design by God into an identity lie before she was even born. It happened in the womb. (explaining this is a whole other subject that involves the understanding of word curses and generational sin etc.)
She is right when she says, “words matter.” She has received a false identity and some measure of value from the “community” she has found comfort in. She has been included into a community that is a false “church” and I believe this is because the christian community has had little understanding of the very things the bible teaches. The church only sees the sin and not the wounded and bleeding person in front of their faces who staunchly defends their lifestyle. Often the church sees what the person is doing and condemns them, not realizing that this is a group of people that the enemy had taken for generations and deceived into believing that God makes people gay. He does not. But…how is one to know this when the church often speaks a language of condemnation and hate. I know, not all people do, there are ministries to the gay community out there, however, they are few and far between.
It breaks my heart that this young woman says at the end of her so very eloquent speech that she will “never stop fighting.” One cannot live in fight mode forever, someday she will grow too weary to continue the fight.
I pray she receives the truth of who God says she is and is able to go on using all her obvious gifts and talents and move into a place of peace with Him instead of a continuous battle she is never going to win. It is time for the church to understand the very people they are speaking out against are the very ones the enemy had hidden behind a veil of misunderstanding, lies and deceit. They are the ones being stolen from the body of Christ, taken by the enemy and placed on the sidelines, when they were originally and lovingly created to be part of the church triumphant! My prayer is that the Lord would send someone to gently take her hand and lead her to the One who loves her and grieves for her and has poured out his blood for her survival. She is precious in His sight!