When the lights go out

Oh Lord, how many of your “stars”, your bright sons and daughters sent here to shine for mankind have been targeted at the very moment of conception? How many of your ones who were meant to light the way of your truth have had the intense gaze of jealousy upon them from the squinting eyes of the original light bearer. How many of your authentically chosen ones were marked and even obsessively stalked by that one who used to hoover beside your throne? They have been relentlessly harassed and driven to failure because of the excessive hatred for the positions that were assigned to them. Bulls eyes placed upon their backs, their heads and their minds immediately as they were noticed entering this world. Easy targets for those demons of darkness always at the ready, and armed with age old weapons of evil torment.

How many persons sent here from your hand to bring exciting and complex information  were snatched away quickly so as to never be known for or used as the incredible  leaders and teachers that they were destined to be.

We wonder why man has had to endure life on this un-redeemed planet for so long. Year after year of war, hardship and pain. Perhaps, because those special ones had the very light within them extinguished so early on. No one ever knew, no one ever understood at all, that the very persons who seem to be deplete  of all emotion, and desperately clinging to life were the ones assigned to bring your truth. It was because of the destructive force set upon them so furiously so very early on in their lives, that they never knew themselves what glory was intended for them. A diabolical and malevolent force so driven by hatred and bitterness sharply responded, intent upon completely obliterating and utterly destroying those carrying your light. How quickly the enemy pounced upon them.

Oh Lord, how you must weep for this place in which you intended us to thrive. A world blessed with men and women you particularly and strategically appointed to bring balance and comfort to this place so fractured by sin. Those sent with assignments, gifts and talents by your loving hand to calm and soothe your people. Perhaps a few escaped the onslaught. I believe there are now and have been those who though battered and beaten have accomplished at least part of their God orchestrated goals and some have even triumphed to the end.

To those bright ones who so quickly, because of the light instilled within them by their creator,  fell by the wayside, I give recognition. I take pause to acknowledge the original intent you had for them Lord, even though it may never have come to fruition.Whether their light was quickly and violently extinguished or because it became duller and duller throughout agonizing years of hardship and battle. I can only imagine how many you sent to us. People just like us with remarkable attributes meant to shine brightly for all to see. Those who would discover early on the love of their Savior and  in turn would be beacons of light leading others to have faith in Him as well.

Help us take notice Lord of those burdened by insurmountable and even misunderstood afflictions. Those who we turn away from in their time of need because of unfair judgment and quiet disgust. Those having lights with a strange glow we interpret as eerie or frightening. Lights that are barely flickering from behind cloudy eyes, still there, but oh so dim. The onslaught has been so fierce, the war too heavy to bear. Forgive us for not noticing them as they slip from our view while a crooked grin appears on the destroyer’s face, while he hides in plain sight.