1 Corinthians 15 – Paul explains things

Going through the 15th chapter of the first letter to the Corinthians, the Apostle Paul gives an overview of what the gospel and the subsequent events have to do with the ones he was teaching. It also has everything to do with us and our lives and our future.

Verse 1 opens with Paul reminding everyone that he declared the gospel and that they received and stand in the saving grace of the Lord Jesus.

Verse 3 Paul had delivered the gospel that he himself received.

Verse 6 Over 500 people saw Jesus after He died but before he ascended. At the time of this writing some of them had already passed away. Of course Peter saw Him too. James also, then the apostles. Then Paul says he saw Jesus after His ascension.

Verse 10 Paul talks about not being worthy to be called an apostle because he persecuted the Church of God, (the Christians.) After that he cared for the churches mightily, because of God’s grace.

Verse 22 Because, since Adam’s death man did not have the promise of the eternal life. However since Jesus rose from the dead, man may also have eternal life.

Verse 25 Jesus will put all His enemies under His feet.

Verse 26 The last enemy to be destroyed will be Death.

Verse 28 Father God shall then be exalted.

Verse 34 Choose righteous behavior. It is your example to those who have not heard the gospel yet. Let my words bring you shame (conviction.)

Verse 38 We are created differently than the animal Kingdom.

Verse 40 Man was also created differently than the celestial beings. Their “glory” is different than our “glory.” Our bodies are also different than the Sun, Moon and Stars. Our resurrection as saved humans is different because we came from corruptible and became (or will become) incorruptible.

Verse 43 Our body was sown or made in dishonor (sin) and will be raised in glory (sinless) because of salvation. We also go from weakness to power after salvation.

Verse 44 We go from natural to spiritual. Unsaved people only have a natural body, we (saved) will have a spiritually awake body.

Verse 45 We go from a soul which is alive to a spiritually alive being after salvation.

Verse 47 We go from being “earthly” to being “heavenly.”

Verse 48 We go from the image of man (Adam=earthly) to the image of the heavenly or eternal.

Verse 50 This will not happen to every human being. Only those who become spiritually alive.

Verse 51 We will change after we die.

Verse 52 However, if you are still alive when Jesus physically comes back and are born again, then, as Jesus is in the process of taking the living and the dead back with Him at the FINAL trumpet sound, the living will then have their physical earthly bodies changed into their never perishing heavenly bodies.

Verse 55 This is when death is defeated once and for all. No more is the “sting” of death possible. No more will death occur on the Earth.

Verse 57 This is called The Victory.

Verse 58 As Paul is writing to people and in a time of the first Christians or the church of God, until that day that He returns for His church, we are to remain steadfast and unmovable in our faith and work of the Kingdom. Paul says when we are doing things for the Kingdom, our work always counts!

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