Seasonal pondering and keeping it real.

The title of this blog may have you wondering what season I am talking about. Well, it is the Christmas season 2017. Wow, can you say, thinking, pondering, hashing out, ruminating or even postulating. Lots of that going on I guess.

It is a new season in my life and to be frankly honest, it is one of the best seasons I have ever experienced. Now, don’t go assuming that life is all hunky-dory and all that. ūüôā There are issues and there is sadness. But all in all, it is a really exciting time.

I believe sometimes we bloggers and writers and You Tubers want to leave our visiting audience with mouths agape and jaws dropped, or with tears in their eyes or maybe even amazed at the amount of wisdom that comes forth through our articles and videos. But, really, we are just folks like everyone else who choose to use a platform to relate life’s events and concerns with hopes of touching a heart or even leaving a person with something to really think about. But, this time I am just sharing. You know, sharing about something that I think may resonate with you, whether it is life changing or thought provoking or not.

This season is one that keeps us on our toes, sometimes literally because no sooner have we completed one task, we are rushing on to the next one with our feet hardly resting on the floor already poised to move on in a constant sprint stance.

So, having said all that, I have not gone up to the attic to retrieve the Christmas decorations in those nice plastic tubs and totes, nor have we put up the tree. Just haven’t done it. No real reason other than, the reason is that we don’t have¬†to.

Will we still celebrate the birth of our Savior? Of course! We celebrate our life with Him every day! In what we say and how we live and respond to others. We take the joy of the Lord and the awesome gift of salvation with us all the time! What if our house is the only one not clad in red ribbons or we have no lights shining out from a Christmas tree sitting by the window? Well, what if…who cares? We have taken the time to sit together with one another for an evening.¬† That’s ok, right? We take time to talk about our day. We pray for our families and friends before bed and check out a cool teaching video after dinner. Nothing earth shattering or breath taking, but we are calm and relaxed and enjoy the time spent conversing and just being in each other’s presence.

So, we are leaving the trimmings and tradition and STRESS of all that up in the attic this year. Maybe next year will be different, but for this “season” in our lives we are choosing to just take pause and live life. And that’s ok, right?

                                 Merry Christmas from us! Blessings and Joy to you ALL! 



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