Is Scripture bondage to you? — a testimony from one of our readers

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A Cry For Justice

In the old days some churches occasionally opened up the platform for someone to give a testimony. So if you were expecting a ‘Sunday devotional post,’ we’d like you to switch gears. This is a Testimony.

The following appeared as a comment on our Facebook page recently. The author, an abuse survivor, did an exceptional job sharing her journey and in particular in describing how she had been blind to the bondage her abuser and others had brought her into through the twisting of God’s Word. She also does an amazing job here in specifically naming many of those perversions of Scripture which are so often used to enslave us. Many, many thanks to her. Read and learn:

I was told by my Christian counselor [2012] that “scripture was bondage to me.” I was offended.

  • We ought to esteem others higher than ourselves
  • We have to love the unlovely
  • Jesus opened not his mouth
  • A wise…

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